U-Converter – Makes Conversion Easy (Apk)

U-Converter APKNo matter from which field of life you are, you need to have a converter with you. If you are a businessman, then you might need to convert the weight of your products from one unit to another. If you are a student, then you certainly need a unit conversion application with you because you are the one who need it the most while doing some calculations in mathematics, physics or Chemistry.

There are a lot of unit conversion applications available on Google play store but none of them offer complete functionality with an attractive user interface. However, a new application

U-Converter looks quite promising. Though it is still in beta stage and a lot of different features have not yet arrived but still at the moment it is much better than what we already have both in terms of functionality and user interface.

Functionality and User Interface
When you open the application, it gives you a long list of items to convert into different units. Every item has different units in which it can be converted. Let’s suppose I want to remake length to various units then I will only open the length section, enter the length and it will then automatically display me the length in different. It is that simple to use this application.
The user interface is quite simple yet attractive and easy to understand. There are no complicated settings or some hidden options menu. Everything is available on the main/homepage of the application. There’s a search bar as well which you can use to search for the item you wish to convert. This is how user-friendly U-converter is!

Exclusive Features
I have used different unit conversion applications in past and they all helped me with my day to day conversion. All these applications have necessary items for conversion, but U-Converter offers some exclusive items to convert. It allows you to transfer magnetic flux, viscosity, flux, torque and angles into different units. As this application is still in beta stage, therefore, you can expect some more exciting features coming your way in near future.

Accurate conversion, simple, attractive, easy to understand user interface and some exclusive features definitely make U-Converter a MUST have application. If you are using some other application for conversions, then I would suggest you try it. I am sure you will love it!