About Us

Cover ImageWe are group of two technology students from London who decided to spend our free time exploring mobile smartphones & tablets and review all kind of apps which gets released for. We have best experience with reviewing games since both of us spent most of our life playing video games 🙂
And of course we will not review just games, but all kind of other apps as well.
Operating systems we will be reviewing for now are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. We’re planing to add Windows phone OS soon but since our site is still new these two will be our major platforms for now.

Apart from gaming apps, out second speciality will be reviewing security apps like anti-virus or hacking tools. Since we are skilled with programming languages including C++, C#, Python and Java it will be our passion to review software of this genre. We’re working on some of our own projects so in near future we’ll be sharing our own apps here as well! It motivates us to see people read our articles so feel free to share your opinions with us and leave comments to our posts. That means us a lot!

So please stay tuned and we hope our posts will come helpful to you!

Best regards,
GetMobileSoft team