PS3 Emulator – App for Android & iOS is out!

Today we are going to show you the PlayStation 3 emulator, program first released for Windows, Linux and Mac which is used for playing PS3 supported games for PC. And lately creators managed to create mobile app too, supported for iOS and Android devices called PS3Mobi. So actually there is no need to buy this console anymore when you have an option to play its games smoothly from comfort of your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Resident Evil 5 Android emulatorThis idea came on mind to the group of addictive gamers who’re playing computer games for their whole life and think about gaming all the time. They’re also very skilled coders and mastering various programming languages such as C#, Java, C++, PHP and many others. So it’s not weird when someone like these guys comes to idea of making this kind of software. Who knows, maybe if these guys are too addicted to their PCs, they wanted to play the PlayStation games on it as well, in case of giving their money on new PS3 console they made the program which will help them to play their favorite games on their machines.

Recommended PC hardware requirements would be dual core processor at least (3GHz in each core), 3 GB of RAM memory (DDR 2 would be satisfied) and at least 512MB graphic card. Any above of this is plus. So just choose your favorite game genre, find it on warez or torrent sites to download. Make sure to always watch at comments and reviews to see does it works or not, is it infected with some malware, trojan etc. It’s always useful to read comments, whatever app or file you seek for.
ePS3e will automatically set the resolution which is most suitable for your desktop screen so you don’t need to bother about this either. Just install and play!

For mobile phone users, requirements are next:
– Android: Version 4.1 or newer.
– iOS (iPhone/iPad) version 7.0 or newer. Jailbreaking your phone is not required, but you’ll have edit date time settings temporatily until app is fully installed. You need to set it one year back from current time, then after installation return time to normal.

If you want to take a look and see the project and download it, you can go to the official website of PS3Mobi. It’s free for download as well so if you are fan of PlayStation 3 games we totally recommend you this software then!

Also take a look into compatibility page to check whether you have enough of system requirements on your PC to run it properly because if your computer parts are weak your time spent on investing and installing ePS3e (what is this emu’s name) will be spent in vain.

So that shall be all for today people. Choose your most loved Sony exclusive game, download it with PS3 emulator we discussed today and fully enjoy your play time!