InstaRipper’s Instagram Private Profile Viewer Will Make You a True IG Stalker!

Instagram Private Profile Viewer - InstaRipperInstaRipper is one of the most useful utilities you will find on the internet if you need full access to Instagram. Let’s take a moment to crack down why you need this tool and the reasons to use it.

The company recently released their Instagram private viewer tool. The software, which you can download from their official page, can help you unlock access to any Instagram account that has placed restricted content protection. You will be able to see any profile without their knowledge and regardless of their status on the platform. You can follow the content of the business account of a competitor of yours. You can also view the private profile of that old acquaintance that you no longer wish to engage directly. InstaRipper is coded to work as a background utility, so following a blocked profile will never be noticeable on the other end of the spectrum.

InstaRipper works with any private profile. You only need the username or the link to the account you wish to engage. You can download the app to your smart device or your desktop and run it after installing it. You don’t need to create a user; you only need to place the name of the private profile on the app and wait 30 seconds. InstaRipper can crack down the almighty restriction code of Instagram in a matter of moments and allow you to browse it normally. The only limitation you will have is that you won’t be able to like or comment on any of the posts you are looking at. We don’t think you would want to anyway.

The Protected Accounts and Our Innate Curiosity

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the whole world right now. Influencers, pets, and personalities make extensive and detailed registries of their lives here, and you probably follow quite a few of them. The problem comes along when you come across certain someone that decides to make their account private for any given reason. The only way to get behind that wall is by creating a fake account and hoping to God that this person accepts your request to follow them.

Is there any reason for this? We are not here to dwell in human psychology, but we are very complex beings, and we have our reasons to avoid following certain people. We still can allow our curiosity to take the best of us to find out what this contact has been up to. It may be a relative that you no longer have contact with or a former girlfriend. Whatever the case is, you can get past this filter by using InstaRipper and take a glimpse at their profiles. If you are wondering why would you do that, then this app is not for you.

Closing Thoughts

Is this helpful or necessary? We really can’t make that call for you. We can only inform you that this tool exists. As we stated, it is not our place to judge the thought process of anybody. We do understand that we feel the need to know about people way past their barriers online. Since all of us love to keep a timeline on Instagram, InstaRipper might be the best bet to satisfy your curiosity. The only thing we can recommend is to avoid using it over and over; otherwise, you might become a stalker, and that is never good.