Imaengine Vector iOS App – Turn Your Photos into Sketches & Drawings Style

Imaengine Vector AppThe camera on all iPhones can do a lot, but as non-conforming consumers, we always keep looking for the added value we can get out of our products. Imaengine Vector is the answer to the prayer of people who wants to get the most out of their cameras in extreme situations. Just imagine for a minute your iPhone camera taking a number of quick shots in succession, something that you usually can’t do with the camera of the phone. That is one of the many features you can get with this app.

The basic principle of Imaengine Vector is to work as a tool to enhance camera functions that happen to have a photo editor included. When you take a shot using the app such as a selfie, or the picture of a meal or even a good looking landscape Imaengine Vector turns the image into a vector composition. If you probably are wondering what is the meaning of this don’t worry, you can still work on the picture with the basic control easily accessible on the friendly interface.

Handling Vectors for the Untrained

To answer the question posed in the previous paragraph, a vectored composition is the basic form that most designers use to make any important modifications on any image. For someone who understands the basic principles of design as well as the numerous tools offered in the app, they can handle an excellent edition job in a matter of moments if they are using the app on an iPad tablet. Small devices such as the first five iPhones models can’t handle the app really well, but all the editions post 5 can run it with no problem.

The full version of Imaengine Vector is sold at $3. The free version includes all the tools for not all the filters available. We highly recommend going for the premium edition of the app since some of the predefined filters are just something out of this world. All the features and filters can make even the most boring picture look like art after undergoing modification with Imaengine Vector. The initial settings offered can be modified to your liking if you wish so.

Final considerations and Closing Thoughts

You can choose to handle all forms of details, such as colors, type of line used, saturation, etc. If you still want to dig deeper on further features, you can tap the edit option and handle your image as in the vector graphic editor. This is probably the only dark spot of the app since most of it seems pretty manageable until you hit this stage.

It’s pretty hard to figure it out if you are not familiar with basic notions of graphic design and customizing software such as photoshop. It doesn’t help that default interface in this stage is also quite messy. The editing section also baffles a lot. The icing on the cake is a large number of filters available on the app. They are worth the outlay. It’s an excellent tool for illustrators and people who feel like doing massive edition on their photos.